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Connect with Us!


Join the CIRCLE facebook group page to stay connected with other CIRCLE and LEARN members. Ask questions. Share educational opportunities around the area. Bounce class ideas off of others. Share with others and help KC-CIRCLE grow to a be a great resource and community.

Not on Facebook? We also have a free email resources group. To join the list, please fill out this webform. You do not have to be a LEARN member to opt in, but we’d love to have you join us as a LEARN member! Besides regular e-mails regarding class submission when new quarters are about to begin, our resources list members can also share valuable homeschooling information with the group.

New to homeschooling (or new to the Kansas City homeschooling scene)? Feel free to drop us a line at kc.circle {at} gmail.com if you would like to learn more about the group.

Please understand that we are just a couple of busy moms working behind the scenes, and it may take us a bit to get back to you. We do check CIRCLE e-mail more regularly as we get ready for an upcoming session. If you haven’t heard form us, try us on Facebook. We hope you’ll join us!

Photography Release Notice: By signing up for the LEARN Resources List, joining as a LEARN member, and/or participating in LEARN/CIRCLE activities, you acknowledge that your name and email address are viewable by other members. LEARN may take photographs/videos/interviews of students and families at organizational functions for use in yearbooks, newsletters, websites, social media, etc. Contact and other relevant information may be shared with instructors or coordinators for the activities in which you participate, and photographs/names may be included in group emails/publications/social media. LEARN does not share/sell contact information with third parties outside of what is stated here.


2 responses to “Connect with Us!

  1. lori bury says:

    Hi, I am planning on homeschooling my 5 yr old next year, live in mid-town, and would like to participate kc circle. I’m a bit confused on how the classes work. Please email me.

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