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Class Submission

Thank you for your interest in CIRCLE! We are now accepting class submissions for our next CIRCLE quarter – Winter 2017-18 (December 2017 – February 2018). Class submission period takes place from November 1-7, 2017.

To participate in CIRCLE, each family must offer at least one class. Classes may be geared towards families, adults, teens, or children (any age). In short, there are two things you need to do to submit your class(es):

1) add your class(es) onto the CIRCLE Google Calendar, and

2) submit each class via the Class Submission Form (at the link or embedded below).

If this is your first time submitting, scroll down to the bottom of this page for detailed instructions (taken straight from our Guidelines) on how to get access to the shared Google calendar, the specific information you need to add to the calendar, etc. Please take a moment to review the Guidelines in full before submitting your class(es).

Come by our Facebook group to join the discussion about what everyone is offering this fall, and to get ideas for your own class. We can’t wait to see you!


Full Instructions for Class Submission

1. Each family must offer at least one class. Classes may be geared towards families, adults, teens, or children (any age). Keep in mind that the majority of our registrants will probably be younger children, at least during the school year. Meet-up style field trips and park days do not count towards the co-op requirements. Guided tours, group discount tickets, large parties with organized activities (like a holiday party) and field trips connected to classes DO count, as well as organized classes pertaining to a particular subject.

For participation in CIRCLE, typical class lengths, when possible, should be at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length to offset drive times, and should accommodate a minimum of 6 students (with more encouraged). It is understood that the length of a class may be longer, and that in special circumstances (such as with paid performances or field trips) class lengths may be dictated by the event. In the instance when a participant’s class can only accommodate a portion of the basic minimum students due to space or activity constraints, multiple sessions of the class should be offered to reach the minimum.

2. The first technical step to participate is to sign up for a Google account if you do not already have one, as we use the Google Calendar for class submissions. You can tie your Google Calendar account to your primary email address. Please note that it is important you only use your primary email address for all aspects of CIRCLE (i.e., don’t use one address to submit your class and a different one to enroll).

3. Once you are signed in to Google Calendar, look on the left hand side of the screen. In the box marked “Other calendars,” click on the tab that says “Add.” In the space to add a friend’s calendar, type kc.circle@gmail.com. That will send a message to CIRCLE so that we may give you access to the co-op calendar. You will receive an email once you have access, and you will then be able to see the co-op calendar (you only need to do this the first quarter you participate).

4. Class submission takes place from the 1st through the 7th of the planning month. There are two things you need to do to submit your class(es): 1) add your class(es) onto the CIRCLE Google Calendar and 2) submit your class via the Class Submission Form. Following are additional details.

Add your class to the CIRCLE Google Calendar:

  • Go to your own Google Calendar.
  • Make certain that your time zone is set to GMT -06:00 Central.
  • Create your event. Please do not select a time that will conflict with another co-op class (the earlier you get this done, the more options you’ll have to pick the time/date that works best for you). We prefer to limit it to just one class per day, but we can do one class in the morning and one in the afternoon if we have a multitude of classes. Please make sure there is enough time to travel from one event to the other (with a break for lunch/nap/etc.) if somebody wanted to attend two classes in a day. If you have a class, such as a field trip, which can only be scheduled on a specific day, feel free to contact someone else who has a class scheduled on that day to see if they can accommodate a conflict free class schedule. To do this, open the class to view it and click on email organizer to e-mail the person.
  • Include the following information in your event:
    1. Who: your name, phone number (cell if possible), and email address. This allows individuals (and coordinators) to contact you for further information or to let you know if they are unable to attend due to illness or other unavoidable cause.
    2. What: your class title and a description of the class. This is important so that co-op participants can decide, based on the information provided, whether they are interested in signing up for the class. Describe the activities you will be doing and any pertinent information, any rain dates, etc.
    3. Note if there is an age range for the class
    4. Be certain to include any applicable minimums/maximums. Some classes may require a minimum number of students to receive the discounted rate. Other classes may have limited space. You are not required to have minimums or maximums, but if any exist, they should be stated as part of your event. If your class does have a maximum, please categorize that as 1) students (i.e. 8 students max), implying that parents/siblings of students are welcome to tag along without needing to be counted, 2) attendees (i.e. 25 max, all attendees) meaning you need a headcount of everyone coming, or 3) students and attendees (i.e. 5 students max, 15 attendees max), meaning that there is limited space for both students and accompanying parents and siblings.
    5. When: the dates & time.
    6. Where: Location of event. Please include an exact address in the location field, including the city (properly spelled out), state, and zip code to enable the map feature function.
    7. Cost: Make certain that you clearly state the fees for the class. If there are different fees for age groups, please state that. For instance, a field trip may have a different fee for adults as opposed to the fee for children. Please state the ages requiring payment. Some performances may require that everyone pay regardless of age while some field trips may only charge for children ages 4 and up. This is pertinent information for those signing up for classes. Please note that you may only charge for actual fees for the class: you are not allowed to make money off of the co-op.
  • If you have a series class (multiple sessions intended for the same group of attendees), then the class should be set up as a repeating class. Google Calendar accommodates a wide range of repeating events. There is a drop down box under Repeats to set this up. E-mail the coordinators with any questions.
  • Leave the privacy level set to “default” – the calendar is private, please do not set your event to private as well.
  • In the calendar entry for each of your classes, click the link on the right hand side that says “add guests,” then type in kc.circle@gmail.com to invite CIRCLE. We will receive an email and your event will be added to the main co-op calendar. All CIRCLE participants will then be able view it. After you invite CIRCLE as a guest, then you will see your event twice (in two different colors). One color is your personal calendar, and one is the co-op calendar. (The co-op calendar event will have a question mark next to it until the invitation is officially accepted by a coordinator).

5. You can edit your class submissions throughout the first week, but all entries must be final by the 7th. If you do edit an entry, be sure you are editing your OWN calendar, not the identical CIRCLE entry.


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